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18 November 2007 @ 01:59 pm
I finally posted agaaaain~! Welcome to November ;D
23 July 2007 @ 08:21 pm
Um... while it has been quite fun here, I'm dropping Allen. I just haven't been able to devote the energy I should to this game.

So, um. Please remove clown_crown from whatever's pertinent, and... hope to run into y'all in future :)

ETA: um... unless it's vanished on its own and I didn't even notice... o.o;; sorry...
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11 July 2007 @ 02:57 pm
So kids. It's dead.

Do we let it lie or keep beating the proverbial horse?
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04 July 2007 @ 12:18 pm
I'm gonna follow suit this time. Sorry guys.. I gotta drop Nyx.

I came to this RP since Liz was into it. I thought she'd post and such, but she seems to like Island and some game called Spiral a whole lot more, and she was pretty much the reason for my coming here. Oh well.

I guess LJ RP just isn't my thing.. checking them day after day to see if there was a tag.. heh.

01 July 2007 @ 02:44 pm
I'm really sorry...things just aren't working out here like I thought they would, well, that and I'm getting a job, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop Nyx. D: Sorry!
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29 June 2007 @ 08:26 am
OrganizationLIX:This site is freaking awesome!

And I'm not just saying this cause I'm a KH fanboy, it really is that awesome.
Go listen it's like crack for your ears!
Almond Jellybeans[/random]
OK I'm gone.
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27 June 2007 @ 09:27 pm
I am home and off hiatus♥
27 June 2007 @ 05:13 am
I've been sewing and stressing for, like, a long time this evening now, so I shall do my announcement in caps.


23 June 2007 @ 07:52 pm

ic_secrets! Like fandomsecrets, only... well, in-character! Come, check it out! Join! Submit! Spam! Ignore the fact I fail at pimping right now!

Rules are in the comm's userinfo. :D The more the merrier!
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22 June 2007 @ 02:24 pm

Matt/Sam/Hikaru-mun here. I am going on hiatus! I'll be gone from Saturday until Wednesday, so I shall not be around to tag, etc. (unless it's super late at night~).

Matt > Mello
Sam > Dean
Hikaru > Kaoru

Godmod as needed~ I trust you guys♥